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Webflow Associate

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Company Overview

Atlantic Pacific Strategies ÖU is an Estonian company founded to help organizations with economic & social impact missions stand out by developing exceptional and unique branding. Our mission is to fulfill the gap in professional branding, design, and marketing for the SEZs and Charter Cities space. We’re currently a team of 14 distributed across Europe, Latin America, and Africa.

Take a look at our portfolio: https://www.notion.so/Portfolio-Atlantic-Pacific-Strategies-816115c1584746139d62a164f6f680d6

About the Job

A Webflow Associate will support the team in the following areas below.

Key Responsibilities

- Design, implement, and iterate on Webflow-based webpages (homepage, landing pages, etc.)
- Collaborate with our design and copyright team.
- Ensure implementations follow web standards, accessibility, and usability based on the best practices.
- Deep knowledge of Webflow’s Content Management System (CMS)


Candidates must be fluent in English and must be able to work independently. Candidates that have marketing and business skills are preferred. Lastly, candidates should be located in a time zone between -7 GMT and +2 GMT.

Perks and Benefits

Working time is approximately 15-30 hours a week, no need to relocate or travel. The position is entirely remote with flexible working hours. Initial payment based on an hourly rate. Starting in April 2021, with interest in a long-term working relationship. A good work means potentials for career progressions or recommendations to other organizations in the field.

Apply here: https://airtable.com/shr73swU8MCgmYEmC