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UX/UI Designer

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United States
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Company Overview

First Boulevard is a Digitally native, unapologetically Black neobank built to eradicate the wealth gap in America. Black America has been underbanked, unbanked, and underserved for centuries. First Boulevard empowers Black America to take control of their $1.4T in annual economic impact while also being fully inclusive and welcoming of all other communities.

About the Job

The UX/UI Designer is a key part of the design and engineering team. As one of the early members of the team, you play a major role in the design, prototyping and development of our mobile app features.

Key Responsibilities

Design Creation

- You're knocking out multiple designs on Figma at a rapid clip within 30 days
- You've developed a clear vision for how the app will function within 60 days
- Within 60 days, you're flying through creating UI mockups and prototypes and are ready to present a few to internal stakeholders and investors
- Within 60 days, you've developed key design components that we'll reuse throughout the growth of the apps.
- Within 30 days, you've refined the style guide to include visual and functional elements
- Within 60 days, you've developed complete UI storyboards to show customer usage and flow across multiple platforms

User Research
- You've begun conducting user research and analysis within 90 days alongside Product Management
- Within 60 days, you've met with at least 10-15 users alongside Product management and engineering to garner user feedback, and refined our key personas.
- Within 60 days, you've made significant progress on building page navigation and clear information architecture, using the feedback of potential users
- You're able to knock out low-fi prototypes within 7 days to do initial user testing.
- Within 60 days you're able to craft, moderate, and analyze user tests/usability studies as needed.
- Ongoing- you are central to the creation and refinement of any new personas that we want to target.

Product Development
- Within 30 days, you've collaborated with the Head of Engineering and Product to establish key branding guidelines throughout the ideation and design process
- Within 60 days, you've identified problems around UX and have developed a plan to fix it, or have already done so
- Within 60 days, you're knocking out feature-focused pages while integrating website designs
- Within 60 days, you've developed a clear vision for how to site and the app will function
- You have a creative problem-solving perspective where you can come up with innovative solutions to technical limitations that still creates an amazing customer experience
- Within 30 days, you've defined a process to supply development with the assets they need during the execution of features.


- You're mission-focused and know why what and who you are designing for
- Systems are your style- you're a design thinking process fiend
- You have plenty of tools in your toolbox- you can bounce seamlessly from Figma to Sketch, to InVision, to Origami, to Marvel, Webflow, InDesign, and more!
- You are a customer-centric sponge and are always looking for ways to create better design flow - you are always finding ways to get feedback from our users
- You know how to get to the bottom of your user personas- you've created wireframes and prototypes, to test on your users, conducted card sorting sessions, performed user interviews, or even built website heatmaps
- You understand why inclusive product design is so important for an application that focuses on social and economic mobility and how to build an inclusive product
- You are a keen student of the principles of interaction design
- You've worked on a mobile application before
- You have experience working with developers
You have experience working in startups or in a startup environment
- You are able to recommend and implement design principles that can allow us to scale in the future
- You have extensive experience with developing information architecture
- You have experience in the fintech or neobanking industries
- You understand the balance between aesthetics and functionality when it comes to product design and development
- You understand how to develop creative solutions to simple problems
- You have leadership experience managing a design team, bonus points if you have experience building a team from scratch

Perks and Benefits

Not Provided