Trainee Coder

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Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom
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Company Overview

DadShed's aim is to make it simpler to manage homes starting with Residential Developers and for their Homebuyer customers; We also are making places safer and maintaining or improving the quality of the built environment using technology.

Worldwide, 1 in 3 trips to manage property are just to look at the issue, not to repair or resolve and this has major sustainability implications around transport as well economics around recycling; Many issues could be and should be solved remotely.

The insight is, property management challenges are growing due to the increasing complexity of buildings and the advent of technology within homes. The DadShed platform enables property developers to create a better experience for their purchasers, allows them to organise documentation and connect their approved suppliers to that building, for its long term management.

About the Job

We are creating a team of 'No-Coders' to support the 'Coding Team' who will start automating tasks within the business. Most tasks will be done manually until we can move towards systemising and connecting to our technology platform. This specific role is about being that person spans across the no-coder and coding team worlds, you'll learn about both sides of the business. We are a 'B2B2C White Label' SaaS, initially targeting property developers and their home-buying customers.

As the most junior technical person, you’ll be guided by a handful of internal and external experts that you’ll be able to learn from and provide you with the opportunity to gain experience for a long term technical focus. We need this person to be completely hands-on working from testing, support and assist in coding tasks if need be.

We expect this role would suit a technically minded person from an either science or computing background, that is willing to try their hands on a bit of everything at basic ebel. This role is not for an out-and-out programmer and ideally they have an interest in building simple apps. The candidate will learn to become confident in numerous technical systems and online applications or willing to learn at speed.

Over time, we expect that many manual methods of production will become less important as we automate, code and we design no-coding systems for the business. The role may also include work assisting the business with ticketed support, testing, code documentation and helping with product management. Willingness to learn is more important to the team than previous real-world employed work experience, though we will be interviewing by reviewing anything you have built and past projects, if there are any.

Personal Development Programme

Month 1: Will be focussed on learning numerous software tools and understanding the mission of the business.

Month 2: At this stage, the vision of the business will be clearer to the employee and will be expecting more complex tasks to be completed

Month 3: We expect the employee to be able to manage their own time and be proactive with requirements

Month 4, 5, 6: We expect employee will be proficient in all tasks and will start automating them using no-coding techniques and numerous online tools

Key Responsibilities

- Contribute to building the app and platform
- Ensure platform is performing correctly and backing up data
- Work on technical work such data cleansing and organisation
- Assisting the coding team with the coding of icons, elements, pages and items
- Researching and keeping up to date with the coding practises
- Editing, updating and uploading content onto the platform
- Answering technical questions from clients and their customers
- Uploading property information including images into the platform for clients
- Setting up client accounts and development into the platform
- Gain an understanding of the platform features and contribute to improvements/updates
- Assist with UI/UX/CX Design of the platform and app as requested by the team
- Help design the APP version of the platform
- Managing the company passwords and security
- Manual testing of the system working with the CTO


Knowledge, skills, and experience:
- Willing to learn React Native or similar App building systems, can be flexible on framework to some extent
- Willing to learn Webflow to assist with the brochure website
- Willing to work on the current technical build e.g. MongoDB, React, GCP, Etc...
-  Must be technically minded and enjoy contribute to building stuff
- Would need to be able to manipulate work within Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
- Will also be using/building elements within Figma.com, Zepelin.io & Courier.com
- Ability to/or willingness to learn how to automate tasks and build sequences without coding
- Has a basic understanding of coding, UX/CX/UI and/or willing to learn
- Be able to document errors, issue and feedback using Jira & Google Sheets

Language skills required:
- English

- Must be currently claiming Universal Credit
- Has to be 24 or under to qualify for government scheme, no exceptions: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/kickstart-scheme
- Living in the United Kingdom only; Nobody outside the UK can apply
- Ideally you're a graduate or may want a career change
- No agencies on this one, sorry

Perks and Benefits

- 6-month Kickstart Scheme Apprentice (Potential to stay on FT after contract)
- Salary: Will pay at least minimum wage, dependent on your age and experience
- Share options in the startup available through negotiation
- 25 hours per week (Option to go full-time)