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Senior Web Designer

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San Francisco Bay Area
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Company Overview

loft gives any Kubernetes cluster superpowers.

With loft, any Kubernetes cluster becomes a self-service platform to create namespaces and virtual clusters on-demand. At the same time, loft's sleep mode and cluster sharing help you to save cloud computing cost.

loft can be used to create an internal Kubernetes platform for your engineers developing cloud-native software, running CI/CD pipelines, or executing AI & ML experiments. It also works great for production use cases, such as creating demo environments or separate instances of managed products and cluster sharding to manage a high load on your cluster.

We are a venture-backed startup based in San Francisco and we are building cloud-native, open-source technology and developer tooling for Kubernetes and the cloud era:

Loft - Virtual Kubernetes Clusters: https://loft.sh
DevSpace - Fastest Dev Tool For Kubernetes: https://devspace.sh
kiosk - Multi-Tenancy Extension for Kubernetes: https://github.com/kiosk-sh/kiosk (considered a security best practice by AWS)

About the Job

We have several designs/redesigns of our websites ready to be built in Webflow and we will be hiring someone full-time for this position ASAP. Please reach out quickly if you are interested in this position. We will get back to you within a few hours if you are a suitable candidate for this role.

We are not looking for short-term contractors. This is a long-term position because we have a continuous need for web design tasks that will only grow over time. We are a fast-growing company and we will likely hire additional web designers to join our team in the next few months.

Key Responsibilities

You will become a part of our fast-growing team and work on building and extending our customer-focused websites that get users excited about our technologies and help them to get started with our products. As part of this role, you will:

- Build clean and stunning Webflow sites based on reusable components (Webflow Symbols)
- Create pixel-perfect, responsive websites that look amazing on any device
- Interact with our visual and UX designers to understand their Figma prototypes and export required graphical resources from Figma
- Implement user interactions and visual effects using JavaScript and modern web technologies
- Create and refine Lottie animations that will be part of our websites
- Rebuild and extend our existing sites in close coordination with our designers


We are looking for web designers with years of experience in agencies or other companies who now want to join a fast-moving startup with a team of technology and open-source enthusiasts. You should be:

- Very experienced with Webflow and Figma
- Very proficient in HTML, CSS, SVG and modern JavaScript
- Passionate about web design with a motivation to build impressive, responsive web sites
- Detail-oriented and driven to perfection whenever building anything on the web
- Some experience with Lottie animations (preferably with LottieFiles, Adobe After Effects)
- A strong communicator and team player, and would like to engage with our visual designers and marketing/ communications experts
- Fluent in English

Perks and Benefits

Since we are a startup, you will not be intern number 4.696.589 but rather become an essential part of our team right from the start. We provide flat hierarchies, hands-on help for every team member and an open-minded company culture based on honest feedback and direct communication:

- Competitive compensation and the potential to quickly enter a senior position
- Flexible working schedule: full-time, part-time, or contract (preferably full-time)
- 100% Remote: No commuting, no relocation needed, COVID-safe work from your home wherever in the world you are
- Fast Application Process: We will typically get back to you within 24 hours, we don't require a stylish resume - You can add one if you like but it's totally optional - Just send us some links to your previous work, tell us about your experiences, and hop on a quick Zoom call with one of our team members. We will respond quickly and make hiring decisions within days rather than months.
- Flat Hierarchies: You will get direct feedback and many calls directly with our senior staff, our designers, and even the CEO. You can always speak your mind - no company politics or unnecessary formalities. We are lean, honest, and efficient in the way we drive our community projects as well as when working on our commercial offering.