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Senior Software Engineer

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New York, NY
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Company Overview

The Press Hook is an earned media platform rethinking how businesses connect with media publishers. Our system helps hundreds of brands, publicists, and journalists connect with each other to facilitate newsworthy stories in a modern world.

By streamlining and digitizing the processes of an antiquated industry, we are making the news cycle stronger and more reliable. Our communication platform matches brands with top journalists who are more likely to write about their products and services. Journalists spend less time sifting through irrelevant pitches while diversifying their sources, and brands get the timely earned media coverage they deserve.


Small businesses deserve a voice in the press – it’s an immeasurable value and powerful tool in building a brand’s story. We are here to give that voice to the 70% of small businesses that don’t have access – making a stronger and more reliable new cycle.

By introducing an all-encompassing, scalable technology to the PR industry, we can create access for companies who historically have not been unable to drive awareness to their business.

We champion brands that reflect our own standards of quality and inclusion. As a female-founded, human-centric company – there is nothing more important than creating a network where the diversity, creativity, and individuality of our brands can truly shine. We focus on bolstering the minority owned, eco-conscious, and socially impactful founders and companies we are proud to have as part of our Press Hook community.

We’re on track to close 500+ paying customers and raise a large Series A later this year and we need someone to help scale up what we have and architect a foundation that we can build from.

About the Job

We’ve built an upstart business and got up and running with an external dev shop for our Webflow product. We outgrew the current site and are looking for someone who can take on our full stack rebuild due to launch in April. You will be in charge of managing our current dev agency while starting to hire our own in-house engineering team over the next 6 to 9 months.

There are a few key components that we want to build out:
- for marketplace personalization
- launching a comprehensive, interactive, real-time journalist database (to replace legacy software giant Cision - purchased for $2.9B last year)
- and real-time placement analytics (integration with publishers).

About You:
- You’re ok with an existing stack and are willing to give it an objective assessment against our ambitions.
- You’ve built a full stack product from the ground up.
- You’re down with the grind of early stage and working with a founder.
- You have a background in building enterprise SaaS platforms.
- You like building small full stack engineering teams that work across the stack.
- You’re still down to contribute to the repo even if you’re managing a team of engineers.
- You’re obsessed with user experience, but know to trust your design counterparts.

Key Responsibilities

- Set the architecture of Press Hook’s engineering org.
- Own the architecture of the product, from backend, to frontend, to infra, to integrations.
- Work alongside the founders to create an engineering roadmap that is both ambitious and achievable.
- Lead and manage an outsourced engineering team.
- Recruit and grow our new engineering team.
- Take business KPIs and translate them into discrete engineering tasks
- Drive excellent customer experience, raising the bar on functionality, usability, and simplicity.


- Experience architecting, developing and launching SaaS from zero to one.
- Experience in an early-stage startup or leading entrepreneurial teams.
- 5+ years working as a senior full-stack developer.
- Ability to think strategically to develop innovative product solutions for the media/public relations/news industry.
- Ability to recruit and develop top technical talent.
- Excellent cross-functional collaboration and interpersonal skills.
- You’ve got a past team of engineers that will sing your praises.
- Previous technical founders - we want you!

Perks and Benefits

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