Senior Product Designer

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California, USA
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Company Overview

Bubbles lets you start conversations at any time by dropping comments on anything you see on your screen. With our face clips, audio messages, and screen recordings, you can show what you are talking about without having to schedule live calls or engage in text heavy slack or email threads.

Bubbles' collaborative workflow creates a highly viral product loop that requires no sign-up. We have strong organic growth and just closed a multi million dollar seed round with multiple tier 1 VC firms.

About the Job

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Key Responsibilities

- Talk to our users and understand their pain points
- Create prototypes as a means to explore and convey your design solutions
- Design and shape the UX and UI of Bubbles to ultimately arrive at a zero friction collaborative experience, examples include
- A great onboarding experience
- An amazing product loop, where viewers become creators and creators invite more viewers. Think CCing, tagging, sharing, and more
- A native bubbles application, with the ability to comment while capturing video, that allows users to capture anything anywhere
- A super easy way to share bubbles and integrate it with Slack, Jira, etc.
- A great management and organization experience for teams, think folders, tags, permissions and roles, etc.


- Start talking to users and brainstorm before jumping into your design tool
- Are user centric and put a great user experience above all
- Believe in keeping it super simple
- Love challenging scopes and prefer working on tasks with 80% of the impact for 20% of the effort
- Have 4+ years of industry experience in product and visual interface design
- Have outstanding portfolio of first-rate interaction design and interface work with detailed descriptions of your process, role, and contribution
- Have strong cross-functional collaboration and communication skills
- Have extensive experience collaborating with engineers to ship products
- Thrive in fast-paced, ambiguous environment and consistently adapt to new challenges

Nice to have:
- Worked with distributed teammates and understand the communication patterns of working within a remote first team
- The ability to craft websites in Webflow
- An animation skillset for creating interaction mock ups and concepts.
- Proficiency in visual design - iconography, UI, logos
- Surround yourself with amazing people

Perks and Benefits

In addition to a strong founding team with veteran startup people, you'll have access to amazing investors and advisors. The founder (Tom Medema) has previously scaled a startup from 0 to 130 employees with tens of millions in ARR. Our Head of Product Design was a former Principal Designer at Metalab (they worked on Vice, Uber, Google, Slack, and Coinbase). Our Principal Architect was formerly the Principal Architect at Serverless.com.

Some of our investors include Craft Ventures (David Sacks, founder Yammer), Naval Ravikant (CEO Angellist), Todd Goldberg & Rahul Vohra (founder Superhuman), Weekend Fund (Ryan Hoover, founder Product Hunt), Shrug VC, Work Life Ventures (Brianne Kimmel), Jeff Morris Jr., Jack Altman (CEO Lattice), and more. We'll soon be adding two more tier 1 firms to the list!

Bubbles is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or Veteran status.