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New York, NY
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Company Overview

Barrel is a creative and digital marketing agency. We work with brands to grow direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses with a focus on branding, websites, email, and paid marketing. We work closely with clients to understand their customers and to create experiences that deepen those relationships. Founded in 2006, we are a remote-first team with members of the team located around the world. As a remote-first company, on site work is not required.

About the Job

Junior designers at Barrel collaborate with the team on a diverse range of real projects ranging from new to well-established brands. They work alongside other designers on some of Barrel’s largest projects while also building experience leading design on projects like microsites, marketing landing pages, and new work for existing clients.

We’re seeking multifaceted junior designers to collaborate with our team on ecommerce websites, web/mobile apps, brand identity systems, and any other interactive, marketing, and communication challenges that design can solve.

For Barrel, design is the process of thinking, planning, and imagining products that effectively solve problems for our clients. In addition to creating compelling visuals, our design team plays a key part in crafting intuitive user experiences through wireframing, mapping user flows and navigation, and developing micro-interactions.

Our design team is always evolving and eager to explore innovative solutions that’ll help our clients grow their business.

Key Responsibilities

At Barrel, we value openness, constant communication, and a sense of humor. No matter your level of skill, we look first and foremost for cultural fit. Our culture revolves around our core behaviors: Continuous Growth & Learning, Focus & Discipline, Team-First Mentality, and Positive Attitude.

How to Apply: If you feel like you would be a good fit for this role, please apply below. Junior design applications sent via email will not be accepted.

- A passion for all aspects of design including conceptual thinking, layout, typography, and motion.
- Able to work within an existing design system while bringing fresh ideas to the table.
- Brings their own perspective to projects but is also able to flawlessly execute on direction from the leading designer or director
- Puts in the effort to understand the client, including independent research on the subject matter, brand, and the industry. Uses this knowledge throughout the project to inform all design decisions.
- Takes feedback with an open mind and asks questions for clarity. Puts in a sincere effort to implement that feedback and grow.
- Has a collaborative spirit, offering thoughts, ideas, and questions in project meetings to help move the project forward.
- Self-manage time on tasks, ensuring that there is always a plan on how to get the work done and never missing a deadline
- Clearly articulate ideas and strategy when presenting designs
- Embrace curiosity when learning new tools, technologies, and processes
- A team-first mentality, willing to jump in and help out at any phase of the project


Skills Required:
- Experience: At least one year of agency experience preferred. Good eye for layout, color, and typography. Has a good understanding of web design principles.
- Creativity: Has the ability to work within an existing design system and also contribute fresh ideas to project or client challenges.
- Leadership: Can work both autonomously and collaboratively with the team. Able to contribute at any given stage throughout the process. Actively takes the lead on a given task and can also pitch in wherever help is needed.
- Communication: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, especially when talking about design and collaborating with other team members. Able to confidently express ideas and also knows when to be an active listener.
- Skills: Comfortable working in Figma and the Adobe Suite. Webflow knowledge is a bonus. Working knowledge of HTML/CSS preferred but not required (our junior designers are not expected to build websites but understand how they work).
- Time Management: Strong organizational and time management skills. Able to self-manage and prioritize tasks to ensure work is delivered on time and of the highest quality.

Perks and Benefits

Not Provided