Growth Marketing Intern

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United States
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Company Overview

Aztech was founded with the goal of helping businesses and brands enhance their overall digital experience. Our values are rooted in creating experiences that help businesses grow and thrive. We work primarily with direct to consumer clients in the eCommerce space and leverage Shopify, Webflow and Wordpress for project builds.

We are a fully integrated agile product studio that creates meaningful relationships between brands and their customers through engaging eCommerce experiences.

About the Job

We are seeking a Growth Marketing intern to join our team at Aztech. If you have an innate desire to learn and grow, are passionate about relationship building, growing a brand and fostering growth strategies across various platforms and verticals, and are jumping at the chance to get hands-on experience at a growing startup, then this is the role for you! You’ll work directly with the Founders of the company.

Key Responsibilities

- Work closely with the founders to grow the business
- Research potential new clients and partnerships that align with the Aztech Brand
- Grow the Aztech presence across various social channels
- Refine our lead generation process - research customers, develop insights and streamline lead generation
- Create a new customer acquisition onboarding program
- Create a consistent brand voice for coherence across different communication channels
- Research potential clients via LinkedIn, Slack Groups and other channels
- Work on Marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and attract customers
- Create growth strategies for specific social platforms
- Work with the team and attend daily calls


The Ideal Candidate:
- You are curious, passionate, and intentional about bringing great energy to your work
- You’re a self-starter with an entrepreneurial attitude and don't shy away from things you don't know
- You have the ability to work remotely and responsibly
- You love connecting with people and you are passionate about building authentic relationships
- You’re not shy about reaching out to new people
- You get excited to discover new ways of doing things and growing
- You like to think with ‘out of the box’ creativity and brainstorm new ideas
- You have the ability to work effectively in a fast-paced startup environment with tight deadlines

Perks and Benefits

Not Provided