Firebrand Design & Business Solutions

Freelance Graphic Designer

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Tampa Bay Area, FL
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Company Overview

Firebrand /ˈfī(ə)rˌbrand/ (n): a person who is passionate about a particular cause, typically inciting change and taking radical action.

We are a full-service graphic design and marketing agency with the goal of helping companies grow. With a wide array of backgrounds and expertise in websites, presentations, marketing collateral, brand, events, emails and more, we help large and small companies throughout the United States and the world.

Our team is comprised of designers and marketers who know what it takes to build impactful marketing strategies and design effective marketing materials.

Our purpose is deeply rooted in the success of our clients and helping them determine the kinds of impacts they can make on the world and enable them to make them.

About the Job

Firebrand Design & Business Solutions, a graphic design and marketing agency based in the Tampa Bay Area, is looking to expand its pool of exceptional freelance graphic designers and marketers.

Salary: $25 - $65 an hour

Key Responsibilities

Not Provided


- Bachelor's Degree
- Graphic Design: 5 years

We're currently looking to connect with experts with any/all of the following talents:
- Web design for WordPress, Webflow, Shopify
- Web development and coding
- App development
- Presentation design
- Marketing collateral design (print/digital)
- Logo/brand design
- Illustration/graphics
- 2D/3D graphics/animations
- Copywriting
- Ad creation/placement (AdWords, Facebook, etc)
- You would ideally be an individual based in the United States and not an agency. You would work with us as a freelance 1099 contractor on an as-needed basis as projects come up. Local and remote designers are welcome to apply!

Perks and Benefits

- Referral program
- Schedule: On call
- COVID-19 considerations: All interviews are remote. In addition, all work is completed from your home.
- Contract Length: More than 1 year
- Contract Renewal: Likely
- Work Location: Fully Remote
- COVID-19 Precaution(s): Remote interview process