Engineering Lead (E4)

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San Francisco Bay Area
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Company Overview

The.com is a place. It's where you make your websites. It's where you share your work with others. It's where the next generation of creators are rebuilding the internet. Request invite at The.com

☕  How We Work

Our team is made up of individuals who combat the status quo. We think it’s fun to push the boundaries of what's been done. We are highly iterative. We love learning. We jam on problems together. Each team member brings an individual element to the team that adds to the unique culture.

Our core values are:
- Trust
- Humility
- Exploration

We’re a distributed team across 3 countries including the US, United Kingdom, and Argentina. Although our goal is to be back in our office as soon as possible (optional).  

It’s needless to say, complete inclusivity is the standard.

About the Job

So, we all agree that building a website sucks. Even the hottest platforms like Webflow are just replacing existing behaviors with new UI. We’re looking for a team member who is asking why? Why does creating online have to suck? Someone who knows the future of the internet looks vastly different and wants to be a part of making it that way.

The.com is looking for an engineering rebel. We are hungry to add an expert engineer who is obsessed with the newest and best technology, with learning and improving and obsessed with creating a world-changing product.  If you’re developing at the highest levels and want to change the world (and not in a corny way) The.com is your next career stop.

📝 How to Apply?

If this role sounds exciting please follow these steps:

First, apply via AngelList.
Second, send your CV and answers to the below 3 questions to talent@the.com.

1. Tell us about a time when you made an architectural decision that didn’t turn out well? And what were your takeaways?
2. Why do you want to join the The.com team for this specific role? What makes it a good fit?
3. What are your favorite website platforms? What makes them interesting to you?

Key Responsibilities

🏗️  You will:
- Lead an engineering team.
- Spend the majority of your time developing 🙌
- Collaboratively own and drive the architecture for the The.com Platform.
- Interface with the executive team to translate customer feedback and business needs into a plan of attack.
- Recruit and mentor other engineers.
- Maintain high standards of quality, velocity, and craftsmanship.


✍️  What we’re looking for:
- An experienced engineer with 5+ years of relevant experience: Typescript, React, Javascript, firebase, aws, & state management tools.
- You’re great at switching between Micro / Macro: happy to be heads down in code and also collaborate on the big vision.
- Experienced in launching, developing, and scaling in a fast-paced environment.
- You play well with others.
- An excellent communicator, especially in the covid era.

Perks and Benefits

🔥 A few of the benefits we offer:
- Health and 401k matching benefits
- Timezone based work schedule – As long as your work is getting accomplished we allow starting early or ending the day late
- Generous vacation time – Hard work deserves time off
-Masterclass & Peloton membership
- Salary is dependent on location/cost of living and experience