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Chief Marketing Officer

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Lisbon, Portugal
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Company Overview

BEPRO Network is a B2B Code-as-a-Service protocol for blockchain based applications in decentralised finance (DeFi) non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and peer to peer on-chain systems such as Prediction Markets, Information markets, Esports & Sports betting, decentralised exchange & trading. BEPRO Network released the $BEPRO token, an ERC-20 token trading on KuCoin, Gate, and Uniswap.

BEPRO Network was founded in 2019 and has more than a dozen B2B clients using its technology with live platforms in prediction markets, NFTs, online gaming, and DeFi.

For more information about us, please see our Due Diligence Package:


About the Job

BEPRO Network (Formerly BetProtocol) is looking for a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to define and execute the company's marketing strategy and marketing budget.

Key Responsibilities

- Define a brand new marketing plan for BEPRO Network
- Execute new marketing plan
- Define new KPIs and lead the marketing team to their achievement
- Top to bottom review of the company's message & brand to identify inconsistencies and communication breakdowns, and address them
- Work directly with the CEO and COO to help lead and manage the company's official communications and communications channels
- Use data analysis and tools to track visitors on our website and communication channels to identify traction points and augment engagement
- Manage and utilise our community managers and engaged community members to spread and augment our brand message and brand awareness
- Define and propagate our new brand messaging to key stakeholders such as potential clients, partners, token holders and token researchers
- Identify and actively diffuse and disarm FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) spread by bad actors against BEPRO Network
- Daily management, maintenance, and promotion of BEPRO Network's social media channels: Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn
- Add new social media channels for greater reach: Discord, 4Chan, Clubhouse, WeChat
- Engage with marketing agencies and lead marketing efforts in conjunction with them to augment brand awareness in overseas markets.


- Absolute and up to date proficiency in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry is a must. You don't have to be a developer, but you have to understand the fundamentals of what blockchain is, how it works, and critically how the cryptocurrency industry and its players work.
- Blockchain Technical skills: Metamask, NFT minting, Uniswap (trading & liquidity provisioning) Etherscan, DEXTools, Deposit/Withdraw on major centralised exchanges, Telegram Admin
- Proficiency in: Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, GSuite (gmail, docs, sheets, slides) Pandadoc/Docusign, Google Analytics, Notion, Webflow, LinkedIn, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, copy writing, blockchain/crypto industry lingo & terms
- Native or at least C1 Advanced English Speaking, Listening; Native or at least C2 Proficient English Writing
- Foreign language is a plus: Mandarin Chinese (not required, but desired)
- Organisation skills
- Trustworthy
- Own up to date equipment: Computer/Laptop & smartphone

Perks and Benefits

- Full Remote, flexible hours
- 40 hours a week full time
- If in Portugal: Work contract + health insurance
- Salary in crypto is a huge plus, but can be paid in fiat
- $2,300 USD per month salary (after taxes) + BEPRO Tokens bonuses based on performance metrics
- Access to top level industry insiders and decision makers
- Use your own equipment, we do not provide equipment until after 1 year of full time work (Computer, smartphone)

Interested parties should send their CV and covering letter to justin@betprotocol.com